The Terrible thunderlizards

In an age where men were men and sigarette commercials and Bob Dole were still allowed on the TV you had kids shows that seemed not just aimed at kids. The amount of ass kickery was so surprisingly high that they still stick in our memories.

One such show was Eek the cat. This show featured spoofs on movies that kids couldn't possibly comprehend (unless they saw apocalypse now which is not all that likely) and had guest voices from people like David Duchovny and Mr T. Yeah, thats right, Mr T did a guest voice for a cartoon.

Mr T knows that his awesomeness can't be packaged in just any cartoon character and so he played himself. A prehistoric version of himself whow as called Mr T-Rex who bossed around the heroes of the show for a few episodes.

The show was called 'the terrible thunderlizards' and revolved around a the survival of the first two humans on a planet populated by intelligent dinosaurs. Well, perhaps not all that intelligent since they send a team of morons to exterminate the humans who they see as a threat.

Holy shit!  Just 2 humans, a team of murderous dinosaurs, prehistoric killer-bee based weaponry, tarpits and lots and lots of pain? That kind of greatness in a cartoon makes me wish all that post apocalyptic anime crap we see these days gets flushed through a city sized toilet, only to reappear in Bangladesh. Bangladesh sucks.

Anyway, I can't possibly do justice to the awesomeness of the Terrible thunderlizards and so I give you one of only three clips that remains of this show on Youtube. I don't know if the show will ever appear on DVd though I'd be more then willing to spend a night in front of the record store to be the first one to buy it. Seriously, we need more shows like that!




The terrible thunderlizards very much


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