Saints? Where?

U2 finally did it. They made a song that not only criticises Bush and his pals on the war in Iraq but managed to elevate the US military to sainthood in the process.

'The saints are coming' is a cooperative work with Green day, another band known for its rampant criticism on Bush and all other things that apparently go bad in the world. Bono and his boys on the other hand are recently known for nothing much but the increasingly ridiculous glasses Bono insists on wearing.

The song features such oddly inflated lyrics like:

There is a house in New Orleans, They call the rising sun.
It's been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God, I know i'm one.


Until the clouds unroll and you come home,
the line went.
But the shadows still remain since your descent,
your descent.

Where were you, Bono? In New Orleans when Katrina struck? No you where not. Then why say you're one of the people who suffered? Thats a blatant slap in the face of the people who actually where there and who started cannibalising in the superdome! (ok, so that didn't happen but people thought it was...)

Screw this new age hippie bulshit! If you want to say something with a message you say it, you don't go all poetic on the people you're trying to reach cause they won't understand a damn word! They'l go 'ohhhh, thats deep man...' while its probably a line Bono pulled out of his ass while taking a dump.

Talking about toilet related necessity....the clip made for this song is nothing short of disturbing to the nerves and the bowels. (mostly the bowels, this is the first diarrea inducing clip I've seen in a long time) Fake CNN images where the US army deploys in New Orleans with B-2 bombers and Apache helikopters accompanied by Bono shouting 'the saints are coming!!!'

Holy crap, the US air force suddenly consists of saints? They've performed miracles like healing and human compassion? Last time I checked, B-2 bombers and apache helikopters were used to KILL people. In very nasty ways, with sidewinder missiles and 1000 pound bombs and 7 inch shells that can shatter limbs and mash internal organs. There's napalm, cluster bombs and smart missiles. Quite nasty machines actally....

Anyway, talk about ridiculously impractical rescue vehicles. The B-2 is not made for dropping packages, it can only drop bombs and it would take quite some time to convert them if this is even possible. The apache isn't a cargo aircraft and can't even take people aboard! And what in some weird deity's name were those fighters doing in the air? Was there an enemy to shoot at?  Is the US deploying fighter aircraft to keep people from looting? Not that I'm against shooting people for no reason, mind you. The more Americans die needlessly, the better.

If U2 and Greenday had any desire to make a decent charge against the shameful episode of New orleans they'd show the normal rescue aircraft and ships the US could have deployed. Helikopters like the Seaking or the super Puma. Those are helikopters actually equipped for search and rescue. That would have been a message of some sort. Why weren't those things sent there? Is there any particular reason noone cared about the city that drowned? Holy crap...they're mostly black! Did that have anything to do with it? Could it?

The stupidity doesn't end with the types of aircraft used in the clip because according to U2 and greenday, aircraft are only used for dropping stuff on the heads of drowning people. Yeah, its real useful to drop tons of supplies in a drowned city from which everyone is trying to escape, assholes. Once again, had there been a serious message they'd have shown people getting picked up, getting ACTUALLY RESCUED!

I know what you're gonna think......I didn't get the message. There was a meaning behind showing apaches and B-2 stealth bombers dropping supplies. Well, U2 has always had a way in making sure I never got the message and they obviously put a lot of effort in that clip to give us their alternate reality, their version of what should have happened so I'm taking it literally. Tough. If you want to break a message, make sure it gets there and don't resort to stupid hippie lyrics that only appeal to simple minded people who think its 'deep and meaningful.'

'The saints are coming' sucks!

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Let me know your reasons for thinking Bono is an asshole.