The Tick

Once again I find myself getting annoyed by modern day cartoons. Is it absolutely necessary to rectally violate everything that comes from Japan before putting it on the air? Cause thats what some of that shit looks like! A giant digimon toad feeling sorry for himself because he was turned down in a singing contest?? Guess what toad boy,

This is a cliche but its true as cliches have a tendency to be, the olden days probably were better. or at least they have left a far better impression on me. When you think about it....some 10 years ago we had stuff like mystic knights of tir-na-nog which was so poorly made that it was funny, contrary to modern programs that are also poorly made but aren't funny.

There was the Tick for one. A big blue superhero, dumb as a brick, but superstrong and indestructible. He teamed up with a fat accountant in a moth suit and battled an array of fantastic super villains. Chairface chippendale, dinosaur Neil, the Idea men and the dreaded criminal dolphin. The show was so incredibly funny I had trouble staying on the chair. Just hearing that battlecry made you want to cheer out


There was never a rational explanation why the Tick choose the word spoon for his battlecry and nobody cared. He made a random word the world's best battlecry and for that we are eternally grateful. There also wasn't a rational explanation for the presence of the bewildering group of superheroes in the city but it was  commonly assumed that all the washup idiots got sent there.... the Flatermaus and his crime preventing car with tissue holders for one.

The Tick taught us that its possible to laser your name on the moon, to build a fish magnet and that corn can come to life and take over the world. We now know that we are never safe from the sewer based forces of the the sewer tsar. He has made our lifes a little safer and for that we owe him gratitude.

The Tick rules!

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