Tombstone, good movie or creepy grave ornament?

Someone e-mailed me today, telling me he had found the perfect tombstone for me.

After I was done with BEING COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT, YOU DEMENTED LUNATIC!! I came to the conclusion that he was right. It was the perfect tombstone for me. The design, the message it sends into the world, the sheer beauty of it. It took my breath away for a moment. After that brief moment I returned to being creeped out again for a moment.


It catches the eye. Thats for sure. It sure as hell makes people remember what kind of person you where. The question is if you want to be remembered for the amounts of alcohol you consumed in your lifetime....

You know what would be even more perfect as a tombstone? One of thsoe funny piramid shaped tombstones from Worms! The thing would wobble all about (to some really good jazz music of course) and creep the living shit out of all who still dare to visit the graveyard. It would be doubly great after dark when the stone emits lightbeams and the jazz continues 24 hours. Damn, that would rule. Jazz rules.

Anyway, what is our obsession with tombstones? I'm not even sure I'd want one. The things cost a bucket load of money and have to be cleaned by relatives for a dozen years. I'm not even sure relatives would want to clean my damn stone after I'm gone. Hell, I don't even know if I'l still have relatives in 20 years!

The only answer is to live forver. Up to now I think I'm doing a fairly good job with that, although my liver might disagree. I just need to hope that thing holds out and I'm all good for the next eternity or so. No suck! No...wait.. I'l get back on this one.


Back to the world of rules and sucks

So what would your tombstone look like?