Using the F-word a lot.


Yes, mr Spelling inquisition, I know you're still out there. However, I don't give a damn as I write this late at night........ right after receiving a number of quite serious physical hurting threats at my former favourite bar while being drunk.

A piece of advice. Never try to be helpful when someone is giving a round for the entire bar. Ever. It always ends bad......


Right, on to the liberate use of the F-word!


Fuck Jan Peter Balkenende. 4 cabinets in 4 years and people still vote for him? Idiots!

Fuck Chiraq! A more arrogant man has yet to be born!

Fuck Frontpage! Why am I so bad at this???

Fuck Dark crusade! I just can't beat those damn chaos fuckers!

Fuck miniature painting! There is always more, more, more!!

Fuck George Bush! He's an asshole and an idiot!

Fuck Dutch television! When will we understand it sucks!

Fuck sidewalks! A poor excuse for a road....

Fuck Animal planet! Get it of the air...please!!

Fuck Mix drinks, for it made one of my friends lose a tooth!

Fuck Temptation island!

Fuck discotheques! They suck!!!

Fuck Iraq! There must be more interetring countries out there!

Fuck Afghanistan! Goddamn dust bowl deathtrap!

Fuck the pussy cat dolls!  Go away!!!

Fuck Rotterdam!  You were bombed once, we can do it again!

Fuck Limburg!  I've been tolerant in the past but they keep pissing me off with their freaking accent!!!

Fuck games workshop for making me buy all their overpriced crap!

Fuck Mongoose publishing for the same goddamn reason!

Fuck every band that has no guitars in them!!!

Fuck you for reading this!


Yes, I'm angry. It will probably go away. Some time. Maybe.


Being angry sucks!


Back to the world of rules and sucks

Fuck e-mail!