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I haven't checked my mail in 2 years:



Vacation's over.

With nothing to look forward to but 1,5 weeks of idiotically hard work and back to school afterwards you'd think I'd be unhappy to mark the end of my trip to England and be back in my overpacked room in Holland. With all the stuff I bought in the wet country it is now less accessible then ever and really only useful for sleeping and getting the fuck out whenever I can. Writing an article is therefore more challenging then ever but I must admit that I find the sheer number of threats I have received very motivating. Here are my favourites:

Write something or feel my wrath!

From unknown

I know you're in this country again. Put something on before we get angry.

From unknown

I'm assuming these come either from Frank who has figured out how to make his messages anonymous or some other bugger I have unwittedly given my number.  As I've heard that almost every phone can send messages anonymous I will never know. I do assume its someone I know since people I know are really my only target audience. I have a target audience, you ask? If you gotta ask, you're not one of them. Go away.

Death threats aside, look what I found while in Nottingham:

Yes, one of the cheapass stickers I put on every road sign I passed last year still soldiers on bravely. Despite it being nothing but paper it still clings for dear life. We salute you, brave one!

Oh, and remember  I have nothing to look forward to but painful labor at the zebra music festival? I have made a rather painful discovery about myself in that regard. I don't relax. This simple fact is now horribly clear to me. I don't know how to relax. I don't know and I can't. Each time I have spare time I find something that resembles work to do. Either writing dumbass articles or painting tanks or organizing this damn music festival. I need to stay busy. The thought of a beach holiday isn't just unappealing to me, it horrifies me!

So no, I don't mind the coming weeks of work followed by the start of the next schoolyear. Work is my relaxation and stress is my way of getting good sleep. Its weird but true.


vacation sucks anyway.



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