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Vacation time

Since I'm leaving for England coming night it might be time to have some sort of final update before yet another week of silence. And with update I mean yet another collection of pictures of random people you may or may not know doing stuff you may or may not care about. Gods, the internet is a great place.


When Anton paints stuff its generally regarded as somewhat of a battlefield with models getting maimed left and right. Its gets worse when he makes Warhammer scenery which basically comes down to smearing glue on foam, letting it dry and pronounce "I HAVE CREATED!!"




Well crap, I win a single hand with some aces and I lose my shit. Obviously there's always someone to take a picture. Good thing I'm not a heavy drinker during poker or otherwise the pictures would get truly ridiculous.






Geert lost his shit too. He lost 12 hands in a row and saw fit to be cranky about it the rest of the night. Beer didn't help either. Frankly, I think he was still mad right until we took him air hockeying which is the very pinnacle of drunk entertainment.




I'm not sure if you ever noticed this but kids are idiots. Even the most basically sentient creature can realize that its a ball hittingly bad idea to to something like this. Luckily there are adults to first take pictures and then pray to almighty god or whoever that the stuff falls down so we can laugh. And hopefully they learn a lesson or something. Whatever, I'm on vacation! I don't have to teach these morons anything right now.



So yeah, Anton drinks beer. Occasionally. For some reason he still denies it and renounces the divinity of beer at every opportunity he gets but hell, he still drinks it. Why should anyone care? Hell, you tell me. You keep reading this nonsense.





And finally, today's life lesson. Remember it well:













Vacation rules!!



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