The green, brown and black flow of dooom!

You do not know the meaning of suffering until you have vomited 3 colours of  disgusting goo in a bush. Seriously. You know nothing of suffering. Green and brownish I can fully understand but black? Thats some messed up shit....

Luckily there was that very sturdy bush at hand to cushion the tsunami of vomit that was spilling uncontrollably forth. A bush that will receive eternal gratitude for his steadfast determination in the face of stinky adversity. We salute you.







A bush compareable to the heroic one of last night.


I'm grateful that this time it wasn't me who was doing the vomiting. I'm all to familiar with such an experience and let me tell you that its not nice to have pure acid flow against the insides of your teeth. In fact, you could say it was a very unpleasant thing to be doing. I'd rather stuff an entire roll of mentos down my throat then ever experience it again.

Vomiting sucks!



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