What's this all about?

Some people say there is no absolute truth, no certainties in life. That we should always see things from different perspectives and that all opinions matter equally. Do not judge until you have seen all sides of the subject.

I have an alternate approach to life.

As simplistic as it may sound, a person forms his opinion in the first second he witnesses something. If you see a movie, hear a song, watch a TV show, see a traffic sign, observe a politician etc etc you immediately decide what you feel.

Something either rules or sucks. It can really be that easy. Don't give in to urges of overcomplicated thinking. Don't be afraid to follow your gut instinct and go with your first impression. Something either rules or sucks.

Its my goal to categorize the many things I come across in life on this website. Do they rule or do they suck?

Its a quest for understanding and you're all invited to join in.


Koen, The flying Dutchman


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