Whiner schnitzel


Recently I had a debate with someone over her job. This person was working at a clothes shop for what....100 years or so and was fired when a new manager came in. Restyling, new staff and new products. The whole kadang. Apparently the shop was suffering from imminent bankrupcy and the former manager was a malingering old git who had no idea how to run a goddamn lemonade stand let alone a store for where overaged women go for their bodydecorations. I hate womenís clothing shops. I really do.


Anyway, the point was that she was fired in favour of a immigrant from Suriname. She proceeded to give me a rant about how immigrants steal our jobs. Its happening with people from Suriname, the Dutch Antilles, Turkey and apparently the Poles have launched a massive, armoured invasion of our nations and have commenced taking over our most fertile lands. The swines!


Problem is of course that theyíre willing to work ridiculously hard for very little money. Money then then send home or spend on beer, cheap beer..in massive quantities. I heard one story where a guy didnít even have a room. He rented a desk chair in someone elseís appartment and lived there for 3 years before the immigration agency found him. He lived on his chair! Thats right.


The point is that if these people work so hard and can be paid in nickels and dimes then donít we deserve to be replaced? Donít we deserve to be driven out of the offices in favour of people who donít procrastinate all the time, who donít take breaks every 10 minutes and who donít talk about their weekends for half the week? Maybe theyíre just better then we are. Deal with this. Deal with it and proceed to become the best employee ever. Demand the respect of your boss and make sure he never will replace you because you rule. You are the essential cornerstone of the business and should you ever go, things will come tumbling down.


Naturally thats not what we do. Weíre lazy. Weíre fat. We argue, we strike, we whine. We whine whine whine. Its a national hobby if not occupation. Its all we seem to be good at. Whine about stuff and expect to get paid.


Want some gravy with your whiner schnitzel?


 Work related whining SUCKS!


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