Why this website looks so crappy

 Several people have asked me this website looks like crap.

 ĎThereís no layout! Its just text and some pictures.Ē, was the main complaint. After considering these gripes for a while I decided I actually have some reasons why this website looks so crappy, apart from my obvious laziness.

1. Deep philosophical meaning. Think about it. Sucks or rules. Black and white. Its something I actually thought about and the crappy layout and simple look are a protest against all those sharp looking but ultimately pointless sites. The best sites are often the simplest. Look at google! Thatís just a big white space with a search bar in the middle and the name of the site in big coloured letters.

2. Storage space conservation. With just text and a few pictured and a basic layout I can keep typing almost indefinitely! After a whole month of writing Iím just using 0,1 % of my total space and this ensures Iíl never have to pay more then is needed (paying bills sucks)

3. I have no idea what Iím doing. I still consider it a minor miracle that I got this thing online at all since I have a deeply rooted loathing for computers which is vice versa. Attempts at making improvements would inevitably end in disaster and possibly physical mutilation (ever tried ramming your head against a monitor?)

 So before you think about complaining about the layout of this site, read a few articles. If you still consider the site crappy, leave and never return.


Website Layouts suck!



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