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World invasion

Battle: Los Angeles

Holy shit! Its more alien attacks! After the dreadful abomination that was 'Skyline', the ridiculousness that was 'I am nr 4' , the dick jokes of 'Paul' and with 'cowboys and aliens' still upcoming my movie season is already quite alien soaked. Thank goodness we also have the waving hair of 'Thor' coming up or the gays of this nation would start complaining.

World invasion is a movie that is right down my alley. There is barely any buildup, hardly a plot and  only one character that gets a meaningful background and some development. All the rest is filled with hardcore, devastating violence.

I understand why this is not gonna win any oscars. Who fucking cares about oscars anyway?

So, lets take a step back. Aliens invade the world in the first ten minutes of the movie. Aaron Eckhart plays a sergeant who is getting his discharge with the marines but gets called into action when Los Angeles is attacked by, well aliens. Who else attacks America these days? The squad gets a mission to find and rescue some civilians while the airforce prepares to bomb the fuck out of Santa Monica.  Shit breaks loose.

That's the story. All of it. After ten minutes of buildup, things start exploding. Marines fight aliens in the streets and shit explodes. For 1,5 goddamn hours shit explodes and people die and aliens get tortured (seriously) and its war. Real, credible, alien bashing war.

I loved every second of it. My violence oriented mind was incredibly happy from start to finish. For the first time, ever in any movie of any decade, I thought this was something resembling an actual invading army of aliens, rather then the tentacled idiotic things of Skyline and the lame energy shield protected weirdo's of war of the world. The aliens used support weapons, took cover and dragged wounded comrades from the line of fire. They suffered while they lacked air support and didn't fight to the death like morons when things looked bad. They retreated. I never saw an alien retreat in any movie. Ever. These were, quite simply, the first credible aliens ever. I loved them. They were awesome.

Weirdly, some people didn't share my opinion of this movie. While I find it amusing to think about why aliens do what they do, I realised its much easier to simply shout 'stupid plot writing!' and move on. Not completely so in this movie.

Seriously, bear with me here. Lets think this over while I respond to some IMDB 'plotholes'

IMDB 'plotholes':

"At one point, a 'talking head' on TV mentions that the aliens are using water for fuel, and that the ocean levels had already dropped noticeably as a result. In order for this to happen, they would have to be using a truly stupendous amount of water. Specifically, the total area of all water on Earth amounts to 361,419,000 sq km. Dropping that by just 10 cm (4 inches) would require the aliens to take up over 36,000 cubic kilometers of water - or 1,800 cubic km per beach-head."

 At some point, it is indeed said that the ocean's levels are dropping. That would indeed mean a theft of truly enormous quantities, much more then the alien forces were using in their battles. This may mean they're scooping it off the planet, most likely to a ship we couldn't see by means we don't understand. Is this really a plothole or just a lack of imagination from that particular commenter?  


"Why invade the cities at all? If they are after the water, they can just suck all the water off the oceans. They can just invade Hawaii or one of the oceans and not touch the cities at all."

Well, the aliens clearly weren't invincible and no big attacking motherships were seen or used (for once in a alien invasion movie...) Frankly, throughout the movie small hints are dropped that they have a bit of a manpower problem, hence their use of drones and all. Perhaps if they invaded only the places where they wanted to suck the water out they were afraid a massive human retaliation would wipe them out. If only Hawai was invaded, wouldn't the president have used nukes? Now, they invaded the cities and the humans were afraid to use nuclear retaliation. Attention diverted and the water stealing could continue.

Despite what that dumb CNN scientist said, they aren't out to conquer the planet. They just want the water, apparently. So, they attack the cities to provide a distraction and keep the human forces busy while they steal water by unseen means. Perhaps they underestimated the human resistance and stepped up the attack to keep attention from their water stealing operation or perhaps they just don't want to give up ground they've taken. This happened in WW1 when generals threw thousands in a meat grinder for no tactical gain.


I know you won't agree with me on everything or even anything and luckily, I don't have to listen to you as I don't check my e-mail. Haha.



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