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Zebra festival 2009

In contrary to what most people believe I'm not by any standard a lazy person. Sure, I pretend I don't do real work due to being a teacher but down that surface of casual work-evasion beats the heart of a true laborer. I let that inner demon out every year at the Zebra music festival where I'm one of the select band of men charged with putting the whole damn thing together. I wrote a lengthy story about it last year and this year I thought it might be better to just show you some pictures that may make you smile. And if they don't, please don't mail me about it. I don't check the damn stuff anyway.


Zebra 2009 Act 1: construction

If poop needs to be shoveled, who you gonna call?


This guy, actually. At Zebra, everyone does the job they're best qualified for. 


And that explains why me and my fellow power hungry conspirator wore these T-shirts.


Tim was brave enough to go along to pick up some mammoth parasols even though they would act as harpoons if we crashed. We salute your bravery.


If stuff needs to get hammered into submission, we call this guy.


If you let them, people can have fun smashing stuff into bits for an entire day. Luckily for them, we had lots of stuff that needed to be smashed.


The minions allowed themselves to be distracted by smashing stuff for far to long.

This is the essence of the organization skills of 25 year olds caught in a single image. One dude gets the job done (in this case mounting a beamer in a plastic box up a pole) while 5 dudes stand by incompetently and one dude gets distracted altogether and stares in another direction while holding a fence to his person for no reason whatsoever.


We wanted a beamer to project the names of our sponsors on a big wall.

This is the result of 3 months of planning, 20 man-hours of work and countless sketches and drawings. In essence, its a plastic box duct-taped to a wooden pole we rammed into the ground.

And damn, it worked.







Act 2: Stephan Schultz on festival day 1 and other people

As is fitting to a group who are in charge of holding the whole festival together with tie-raps and duct-tape we barely saw any artists at all. I did stop to watch my old boss and part time rock hero Stephan Schultz play a few songs though. It was awesome.




A good bartender taps a few beers in advance and this is an especially good idea when faced with angry crowds who want alcohol. Pjotr here went a little over the top though when he tapped close to 50 beers with no angry mobs in sight. We thought that was funny though and let him go right ahead.









Act 3: day 2

To the utter amazement of the dude who built this this contraption actually remained leak free during the entire festival.

I put this up to keep me from going insane of the usually monstrously busy second night.


My little sister was in charge of providing food for the hungry masses. Here she is instructing her own minions which struck me as funny as most of her minions were a hell of a lot taller then she is.

All the dudes in black are members of the organization team. All hard working men with no time to take breaks. Oh yes.

The most awesome moment came right after the end of the 'children's disco'. 3 youngsters came to us asking for a trash bag so they could cleanup, which they promptly did. Now that's what I call good parenting!


Act 4: The disgusting aftermath

I barely saw any music the second day. A music festival for the facilities team means running around like crazy, fixing things left and right and keeping an eye on everything. I did see the cleanup in great detail though. As with everything, it involved violence. With broomsticks.


When stuff needs to get blown away with a leaf blower, who you gonna call?


After all was said and done it was time to get really drunk. This guy pretended to be Johnny Cash and played songs on his broom for an hour. I was reported to fall on my knees screaming when he played 'Ghostriders in the sky'


And finally, our overall coordinator was treated to a royal dose of curry in his ass topped of with onions. Doing a good job of leading a bunch of people is no guarantee of safety from such treatment. Glad it wasn't me.


Zebra 2009 ruled!


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