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2008 is over. Thank God.




Top google hit for '2008'. Wooooh!!






Yeah yeah. haven't been updating for a week. The reason for that is my computer broke for the second time and had to be fixed. It's not fixed. Its got a temporary videocard that won't allow me to do anything but use Word and update my site. 

By anyway, 2008 is over and I'm sure you'll all agree it has been an unbelievable crapfest. Credit crunch, civil wars everywhere, Iraq still killing people, Robert Mugabe going more insane then ever before, President Bush still being in bloody office and everything else that went wrong. More importantly though, how has 2008 treated YOU? If 2008 treated you the way it treated me you're bound to be mightily cranky by now. Yup, mightily cranky indeed.

Now, I'm fully aware that reading about other people's misery is the best entertainment and so:

This is my top 5 of things that didn't go well in 2008. (Perhaps it will make you feel better or perhaps worse...)

5. New school location turns out to be gilded cage without any facilities.

'I'm sure you ever felt disappointed about a work location and that's only natural. However, when you have to handle up to 60 12 year olds at the same time and there's only one other teacher yo help you you expect some decent facilities, computers for everyone and perhaps a place for everyone to at least sit down? We didn't get any of that. Not only did we only get 18 computers for  up to 60 students, about a quarter of them broke down in the first week. On top of that, there weren't enough places for everyone to sit down so we're forced to let people share seats. Naturally, them being 12 year olds, they didn't react well to being forced to improvise and share space.

I love my job.

4. Education turns out to be expensive and retarded.

In the vague hope of making more money I started a new education that will allow me to teach higher level students who can at least pretend they care about what I say. This has turned out to be one hell of a disappointment as it is expensive and what we learn is retarded and already known. Yes, the Fontys education facility is truly on the cutting edge of history education as we learn when the middle ages took place and what relevance the church has in that period. For God's sake, you're talking to a classroom of history teachers you dipshit! The only thing we do is meticulously study every move you make to make fun of you later on. Yes... we're evil. In fact, we're just as bad as our own students.

Sooner or later, you'll slip up. And I'l be there....


 3. Computer breaks twice in 2 months.

I made a serious attempt to revitalize my old gaming passion and bought a new computer. Normally when you buy something new you expect it to last, oh I don't know, LONGER THEN 3 DAYS, before it breaks down. Mine didn't. After exactly 3 days its DVD player broke down and had to replaced, which is a proces where 3 men start sticking screw drivers in your computer while you have to watch. Torture. Luckily after that I had no problems again.

Right up to the point where it broke down again, less then 2 months after I had bought it. This time the videocard was busted and had be be replaced. Oh how I wished for the men with their screwdrivers when they told me it had to be sent to the factory which could take up to 3 or 4 weeks. In the meantime I'm stuck with an older videocard. Ironically a couple of weeks ago I was playing Starcraft in anticipation of part 2 and now, its the only game I can still play as my videocard is so crappy. Happy days.










And yeah, that is correct use of the word 'irony'


2. Car key breaks and in the ongoing story it will cost me a lot of money.

I don't like the idea of having no spare key. We all must realize that you can at some point lose your car key either by theft, carelessness or an arupting vulcano. It can happen and we must be prepared.

With that in mind I went to my car fixer with my broken car key and asked for a replacement. Easy, right? It wasn't.

Let me explain what happened in simple steps as even I got confused:

-First, my car stayed at the garage for a day as they attempted to 'read' the key. Apparently, there's a chip in every car key to prevent theft. The first attempt failed. Apparently, my car has had its locks changed.

-Second attempt, again my car stayed at the garage 2 days (this was a week later) as they attempted to communicate with the recalcitrant key and talked to the German importer about retrieving the key code. Again, it met with failure. Apparently, the germans don't communicate well with people who don't use loud military voices.

-Third attempt, again my car stayed at the garage for 2 days (all this time I'm stuck with a Renault loan car and I hope to post a seperate article on that later this week) It now becomes apparent that my car key isn't just any car key. It is in fact SUPER CARKEY!! With the ability to hold back any equipment that attempts to read its secret codes!! Its utterly impossible to read its code as it uses a dozen revolving codes.

-My car key has defeated all attempts to crack its secrets and must now be sent to the german department of carkey code breaking (not joking). This will of course cost money but it could be worse.

-If zee Germans fail to crack the code the only way to get a spare key is to replace the entire starting motor and the locks and make some completely new keys with it.

So, I got a super carkey defeating code breakers. If only I had an actual super car with it....


1. Meeting about my students is already done by the time I get there.

In its infinite wisdom, the school board has decided to give me a class to guide past all the perils of the 4th class and towards the exam class. This is a very responsible job and that makes it all the crazier that I don't actually teach my own students. I just meet them once in every two weeks to talk with them for less then an hour. I still have trouble recognising them all..

The only way I can actually get to know them a little better is in the meeting with all my colleagues and we talk about them. Yes, tell me all you know! Sad thing then that it was already over by the time I got there. It had been reset at an earlier moment, when I was still teaching. I also wasn't informed of this because I wasn't on the mailing list of the coordinator. He blamed me for that and said it was all my own fault.

Imagine if you will, a raging tsuname. That was me. I walked out of the classroom and demolished an overhead projector into bits. Then I went to the infirmiry and asked for some bandaids. Glass hurts.

Luckily, I got some redemption when the coordinator was later forced to admit I indeed wasn't on his mailing list and that was a problem that needed to get fixed. He never apologized for being an asshole though. That's not something coordinators do...


So, 2008 is over and good riddance. I can only hope 2009 will bring some better fortune but knowing my fortunes, it probably won't.


2008 sucked!


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