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300 is coming!0

I had no idea it was possible to take pure adrenaline and turn it into a movie. Apparently there is still plenty in this world I need to learn. I just saw the 300 trailer. Again.

Its one of the most insane heart pumping trailers I have seen in a long time. Its just 3 minutes of bearded men shouting and fighting and shouting some more. That combined with armored rhino's, metal masked soldiers and those awesome Spartan shields and cloaks makes for a well spent 3 minutes!

I mean, just look at his guy:

That's just one chunk of overacting barely contained by this screenshot! He spends the ENTIRE trailer shouting at people and killing them in a variety of ways. I very much doubt his role will be anything like the historical Leonidas but then again, who gives a damn? Seriously, who?

Thats right, this is gonna be one hell of a movie. I think I'm gonna watch that trailer again.

Is that madness? No, THIS IS SPARTA!!!!


300 is gonna rule!



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