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A thing of beauty

Yes, I have finally completed my collection. I now have all 5 seasons of the A-team, standing proudly on top of my DVD collection.

There is now nothing holding me back from watching my favorite show of all time, as much as I want, when I want and where I want. No longer am I a slave of the networks who broadcast it. I am now Free. FREE!!


Why do I like the A-team so much? Its probably the whole sense of nostalgia at this point, but it is a very good show to boot. It has a deep sense of justice in it, a great sense of humor and some of the funniest characters ever put together. I mean, who would think of putting Mr T (cult icon), George Peppard (movie star). Dwight Schultz (crazy actor) and Dirk Benedict (The Leonardo DiCaprio of the 80's) in a single program? That's just an act of insanity of genius..

There were some great supporting actors too. Lance LeGault will always be remembered for the mean looking colonel Decker and every other mean looking actor of the 80'sd was at one point drafted in to play a villain. Even Michael Ironside was in this show!

It was great. It will be remembered. I will be watching these DVD's until I either break them or they get stolen.


The A-team rules!!



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