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Missed opportunities

Take a look:

On any other day that would be an acorn sitting comfortably on my desk. Not this time though. Today, this acorn represents a missed opportunity. One you don't meet all that often. The acorn represents a free beer at my local bar in honor of autumn. It was a one time action to do something special for all the drunks who want to get that bit drunker for less money.

We arrived late so imagine our surprise when we were told that acorns were the new local currency. Then imagine half a dozen grown men running back out the bar again to go looking for acorns, already fairly drunk and not at all interested anymore in the traffic that would be passing by. And now that you're the path to imagining things try to imagine all of us singing the spongebob squarepants song. Yeah, now you're on the way to capturing the unforgettable ridiculousness of that evening. I seriously doubt that Spongebob would have made it through the evening unscathed though.

 "Uhh... I need to be at the Crusty crab for work at 9.00......"

I can safely say that acorns were the most valuable commodity one could have for the entire evening. Even after we were all informed that the rule was only one acorn per person there was a lively trade of the little surprisingly-hard-hitting-if-you-get-struck-in-the-face-by-one things. It was only well after I was back home that I realized, to my eternal shock and horror that I still carried one in my pocket. After waking up all the neighbors with my screams of anguish, I decided there was nothing I could do to change it.....

So there it is. The saga of how even acorns can prove priceless on the right moments. let this be a lesson, kids. Never keep acorns in your pocket if you can exchange them for beer.

I have spoken.


Acorns rule!


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