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The Human race is comprised of two sexes, as we know. You have women, who are generally considered the more cool headed, mature and wiser of the two. From what I remembered I can say that women like wine, dancing and movies with no violence in them. They sigh a lot and try to keep the other sex from hurting itself.

That other sex,as we know, are men. We're the more idiotic half of the human race and we enjoy things like Monster truck races, rock concerts and ice bears on rollerskates. I think we represent the fun oriented part of our species and of that we should be proud.

One way of entertaining ourselves through pain and exhaustion is air-softing. This is a sport I've practiced several times already and its basically about running around in woods while getting shot at with realistic weapons.

Yeah, that's it. A bunch of grown men (and 1 woman, it must be said) who go to the woods of Belgium and spend an entire day shooting each other. We even have to make a 2 hour drive as this sport is illegal in Holland. The weapons are way to dangerous and realistic and apparently there is some sort of war on terror going on.

Its a terrorist! No, its Robert when he could still be photographed!!!

You may wonder what would drive a bunch of semi intelligent people to go through this. I think its mostly a combination of a desire to spend money  on ridiculous things combined with those little military fantasies that all men have. Come on, how many times did you see the A-team and pretended to shoot the bad guys yourself?

So there you have it. Its childish, wasteful of money and generally we end up with aching muscles and painful spots all over from those damn plastic pellets you get shot with dozens of times (depending on how much you suck) So why do we keep doing it?

Its fun. Duh.


Air softing rules!


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