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Aliens vs predator 2

Damnit damnit damnit! I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about this movie as I expected to be!

I had promised to call some mates when I saw it but I'm pretty sure that even those brain dead D&D players noticed my lack of honest enthusiasm (the fact that at first I send a text message should have been a dead give away).

The problem is that I couldn't get past the sheer sense of stupidity that emanated from it all. Things just didn't make sense. Partly that may be just the geek talking as I know all the previous movies intimately but despite that, things were stupid. For example(s), the aliens grew to adulthood even quicker then the last movie, the Predator only took like 10 minutes to get to earth, the national guard apparently has a response time of half an hour, the Predalien suddenly had the ability to shoot embryos straight down someone's throat making the facehuggers completely obsolete and we are forced to accept that a column of national guard gets killed in minutes by aliens while a bunch of peasants with shotguns can keep them at bay almost indefinitely. Add to that the most awful human characters I have ever seen and a serious lack of coolness from the lead predator who manages to get his dumb ass surprised by a blundering human deputy. Surprised! A human ( a dumb one too) stumbling through the wood actually surprised a member of the ultimate hunter species?? The screenwriters of Predator are turning in their graves!

Despite its obvious flaws, I did manage to find some redeeming qualities to the movie. It was refreshing to see the love interest of one of the lead characters getting horribly impaled halfway, snuffing out any chance of a happy ending and the scene in the maternity ward (see picture) is just to horribly awesome to ignore. The level if violence is so unbelievable you're left with disbelief. Every two scenes someone dies. We start with a hunter and his son who loses an arm 10 minutes after the film starts. Its a taster of what's to come. Horrible, cartoonish violence with no room for anything else. Each time you think there is a rest, someone dies. A romantic scene at the pool? Aliens come kill everyone and smear their blood all over the locker room. Rest scene at the hospital with pregnant women? Predalien snaps the neck of a nurse and shoots alien embryos down a pregnant woman's throat. Lead character manages to get his group to the centre to await rescue? Army drops a nuke on them. No rest, no respite, just violence. Unbelievably awesome.

However, despite this the MI table is not gonna be kind with this. Hardly a decent script, poor representation of the human species and I didn't even know 1 of the actors. Ok, it does contain bugs and a hell of a lot of fighting and its always good to see the taboo regarding dead children be broken but other then that the outcome is quite unfavorable. Ouch. Lets hope for a better part 3.


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