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Anaemia Anaemia Aneamia

Aneamia. That's what he called it. That was the conclusion of the blood test they did on me a few weeks ago.

Aneamia. Its so cool a word I think I might be using it excessively before this article is over. Its both cool sounding and has medical relevance. Its not often that I get to throw around medical terms so I'm gonna make the best of it. (also note that I've turned the a and e around seemingly random in the title and at other places. Its not random, its a test of your optic skills. You have failed.)

Anaemia occurs when there is a deficiency of red blood cells and not enough oxygen is circulated around the body (boring). There are a number of different types of anaemia including the genetic sickle cell aneamia and iron deficiency anaemia.

The most common type of anaemia is Pernicious Anaemia. This is an autoimmune disease that is caused due to Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency is caused by a diet lacking in B12, or more commonly due to the lack of Intrinsic Factor (IF), a glycoprotein essential for the absorption of B12. People with Pernicious Anaemia produce auto-antibodies to IF preventing vitamin B12 absorption, either by blocking the binding of B12 to IF, or by binding directly to the IF-B12 complex itself.

Bear in mind that the last 3 lines don't apply to me, making reading them a complete waste of time (much like the rest of this site I suppose).

The top picture you get when you google the word 'Anaemia'. Utterly irrelevant and an even bigger waste of your time then the rest of this article.

The reason I'm blabbering so much about this (Aneamia)  is, I've never had an actual disease before. Sure, I had some trouble breathing now and then but I've never seen the inside of a hospital unless it was to visit some other sick person. I don't get sick. I think being sick is for wussies. It takes a fever of volcanic heat to keep me from going to work. I have never called in sick. I mock people who get sick. (Anaemia. Haven't said it in a while so figured it would be time) I mock people who stay at home for 2 days with a flue. I expect to be mocked should I get sick. I am healthcare's best customer. All I do is give them money and never expect anything back.

So it came as something of a shock that I have Aneamia. I was hoping for some cool treatment, or maybe an MRI (those things seem common enough in House). All I got was some pills and the advise never to take a cat or tame mites for pets.

Well that sucks! The first time ever that I have been diagnosed with an actual disease (Aneamia)  and all I get are a few lousy pills? Medical science isn't scoring high on my coolness rating with this.

Ah well, guess there will be other chances of cool treatments. For now, back to mocking sick people.


Anaemia sucks! (it is a cool word though)


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Anaemia Anaemia Aneamia



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