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Armageddon is a loud, stupid action movie where the explosions and the meteor that threatens to blow up the earth act better then the people who are supposed to save us. It aims at the very dumbest of society who expect nothing from a movie except 2 hours of popcorn shoveling and bombastic action sequences.

 That said, I like it. Itís the ultimate relaxation movie. No complicated plot twists, no deep going emotional development, just violence, explosions , roaring space shuttles and a big ass asteroid poised to destroy the world. What is there not to like?

 I admit, it takes a certain mindset to watch this movie and walk out with your sanity intact. Its all a bit to much for some people. From the moment the space shuttles take off from earth everything goes wrong, everything blows up in our heroes faces and right up until the last minute you wonder if Michael bay is going to let the earth simply blow because that would make a better shot. Heís mad you know.

 Bruce Willis holds it all together. He leads the raucous crew of borderline psychopaths on a drilling mission in space to put a nuke in the asteroid and his bold leadership, fatherlike character and shotgun keep the men in line. He seems to be the actual guy we would call if an asteroid was going to hit us. Perfect acting for a movie like this. Seriously. The rest arenít bad either with Steve Buscemi probably the best of the lot as the insane geological genius who canít resist firing at the asteroid with a bigass machinegun. (why was there a machinegun in the first place?)

The effects are awesome. In fact, the effects ARE this movie. Without them it would suck. The asteroid looks menacing beyond belief. The space shuttles darting between the debris field are stunning and the scene where swathes of New York are pelted with meteors is seriously cool. Michael bay isnít fooling around, anything can get destroyed. From Shanghai to Paris, nothing is safe. The message is very clear in those scenes, if Bruce Willis fails, you are all going to die!!

All in all, its good. Sure, its loud bombastic and stupid. Sure, its all about things blowing up and roaring action. Sure, it assumes the audience are all idiots. But get your popcorn, sit back, give your brain some time off and you WILL enjoy yourself. I guarantee it.



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