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Avatar: Sozin's comet

Holy crap, the final episodes of Avatar are a movie! Lets rate it like one......

I'm a pretty big fan of cartoons provided they're at least 10 years old and I used to watch them when I was a lot younger. Its nostalgia. Its that sense that you only get when you watch something you used to watch on Saturday morning while your parents were still asleep.

Avatar is a cartoon that evokes the same feeling in me even though its new, its modern and its broadcasted on Nickelodeon, the only kids channel that has a name most kids can't fucking pronounce if their lives depended on it.

Despite those slight faults Avatar is probably as awesome as mainstream cartoons are ever likely to get. The characters actually feel human with real feelings, doubts and development and that's more then we can say of most movies that use actual humans.

As I said in my opening sentence the final episodes of the Avatar series are a movie. The Firelord is using all his military might to create a fleet of airships and he's planning to use the power of a passing comet to empower his fire benders to awesome levels and BURN THE WORLD!!



Also, there's an evil fire princess who goes batshit insane, which is strangely cool.



Simply put, burning the world is an evil scheme that's never likely to be surpassed ever again.  Standing in the way of the pure evil that is Firelord Ozai is the Avatar, master of all 4 elements, and his ragtag band of warriors who really need to stop the master of evil who conveniently is also fond of wearing red. I suppose you have to, when your title is 'the firelord'.

Even though you really need to see the rest of the series to understand and appreciate all of it this movie has some serious qualities that make me sad it was never released into theatres. A story that is actually good. Characters that feel so very right and battle scenes that make every previous attempt at animated violence feel like a church visit while wearing crocs. Awkward as hell.

There are 4 main battles and each of them the culmination of events that the series have been working towards for almost the entire series, which is what makes the movie so very satisfying. Zuko finally has a showdown with his sister, Iroh takes back the earth kingdom capital with the help of some friends, Sokka and Taph do their best to delay the firelord's fleet and Aang the Avatar finally faces off with the firelord himself. Each of these battles the logical result of a long process and each of them perfectly awesome. Just talking about it all seems woefully inadequate.






I could type on about this show and movie for many pages but seeing this is supposed to be a movie review I won't. What I will do is give the final rating. Good story, great characters, awesome battles and the following things will more then make up the lack of either giant robots or insects:

-The fact that everyone can control the elements is simply awesome.

-Tanks. In a medieval world. Cool.

-Battleships and battle airships. In a medieval world.

-Firelord Ozai is one of the coolest villains ever in a cartoon even though he starts dressing like a Blood elf at one point.

So, 4 MI's to this seriously cool piece of gifted animation. May it not be the last of its kind.


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