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Yesterday I realized I had gone without beer for 3 consecutive days. From Saturday until Tuesday I had gone without a single drop of it.

The thought made me feel uncomfortable, the mention of it made my skin crawl. As the working day progressed I more and more came to the conclusion that I didn't just feel like drinking a beer, I actually physically needed to drink one. Soon.

Some people call that addiction. I prefer the term 'mental dependence'. After all, addictions are for those to weak to hold it at bay for a while until the moment comes when you can enjoy it to the fullest. I on the other hand managed to stay perfectly focused and maintained a good work rate right up until the moment I was excused. That's because I rule and all those addicts don't.

Its fair to admit though that I have never before sucked down a full pint as quick as the one I had 10 minutes after I'd left work. The second one went down pretty fast as well... I was halfway the third one when the thirst finally abated and I was free to focus on my poker game and I mean 'focus' in the broadest possible meaning as I had barely a notion of where I was or who those people where who talked to me. Perhaps it is a bit steep to drink 2,5 pints in 13 minutes.

Alcohol and poker are a poor combination for me. I've been on a monumental losing streak for the past weeks and I blame alcohol. Last time I even swore I'd never play again. That's a promise I fully intend to break next Tuesday though...


Beer still rules!



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