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Out of hand

Sometimes, a night can get so terribly out of hand you feel the effects days later. I say that cause its exactly what happened to me a week ago, and 2 days ago, and again yesterday. I really need to cut down on the whole 'having fun' thing cause I have this nagging feeling its gonna kill me one of these days. Not that I would mind an early death of sheer fun, but all the unfulfilled ambitions would haunt me to the end of the 7 circles of hell (a test showed I would end up in the circles of heretics, a pretty sweet spot.)

Anyhow, the night started fairly normal. The plan was to watch a band and head home early because all of us had work to do. A few beers were deemed acceptable by all involved (there were 3 of us) and so we set out on our quest!

Things went well until we made the mistake to ask Geert to bring another round. For reasons to complicated to explain here without the reader needing a doctoral thesis of biomechanics, Geert's brain decided to return with this:


To make matters worse, we attracted the attention of the singer of the band who immediately praised us for being such rampant alcoholics. Crap, no turning back now.  We had to prove we were men now.

Suffice to say, things went downhill from that point. I did what I always do when drunk and started making noise in an attempt to annoy everyone in the house. That got boring after a while so I pushed Geert to stoop to new depths of alcoholism. He did his fair share of boozing and so he stooped alright. Stooped lower then any man should.

Yeah, its a bad picture. That's what being drunk does to you. However, you can still clearly see Geert drinking the leftover beer straight from the plate. This actually prompted a moment of silence from the band who were left watching on in total awe at this complete idiot.

Its what every man dreams about, to be the object of attention of a whole room while doing nothing but drinking beer. Geert achieved it for that precious minute.

I admit that the rest of the evening was one giant blur. I vaguely remember a man standing on a giant guitar on a pool table and something with a canal.. That's about it. Damn you, alcoholically violated memories!


Beer rules!



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