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Its amazing the amount of money that can disappear in a birthday barbecue. You're expected to supply beer and meat and something called 'non alcoholic drink'  (sounds like an abstract concept to me) for people who show up only to give you crappy presents and who fall asleep in your bathtub after 6 hours.

Not that I don't enjoy spending vast amounts of money but the sheer pointlessness of it all is just overwhelming! I'm celebrating something I don't even wanna celebrate! Who wants to be 25? That's the crappiest age of all! You know youth is slipping away at an ever increasing pace and with it the chance of some sort of successful life!

 Lets be frank here for a moment... (actually we can't. If we were Frank we would be out there obliterating small hamlets with our fiery breath)

Impression of Frank obliterating a small hamlet with his fiery breath

I can write for hours on the horrors of getting older and how it will affect the lot of us and how we're all gonna end in an old folks home shouting at 'those damn kids' but naturally I won't. That's boring.

Instead I try to have as much fun as I possibly can. Drink as much as I possibly can and laugh at those who don't do the same now. Plenty of time to be old and boring when your old. Try to have fun here and now and good things will come to you.

Goddamnit, that was way to serious. I need more beer. waitor!!!


Reaching the age of 25 rules! (sort of)


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