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Black sheep

The undisputed highlight of an evening filled with ridiculous movies featuring zombie Nazi's and stoned Johnny Depps. I praise the booze gods that when we got around to watching this undulated masterpiece of insanity that I had already had my fill of alcohol because otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed it on nearly as many levels as I had now. When you're gonna watch a movie you know to be about killer sheep you better leave your criticisms at home because whatever happens, its gonna get awesome.

You know the drill about the story with this type of movie. genetically engineered sheep escape, start killing, people fight back. Blablablablabla. Seriously, nobody cares.

What we do care about is the amount of gore and is it fun to watch? Yes, yes and yes. Its almost ludicrously fun to watch and the amount of gore could rival the annual flooding of the Nile. Body parts everywhere, blood flowing freely, lips getting ripped off, legs falling off at the slightest touch. Frankly, I started suspecting that some injuries sustained by hapless victims were not even anatomically possible...

And on top of all that, people started mutating into giant sheep like creatures too. Is that as insane as it got? No, the highlight of insanity must have been the revelation that the main villain was also a sheep...uh...lover. Not that this movie needed that kind of animalistic loving, but hey, if you're gonna make a mad movie, go all the way. All the way into hell ,mwahahahaha!

Anyway, the awesomeness of this movie is only surpassed by its insanity and its ability to make the people watching it insane as well. Trademark of a great or yet another sign of the impending apocalypse?

I think Joep can better answer that question:

Apocalypse it is then....


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