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Boris is dead!

I'm shocked! Who would have thought he would die this soon? I mean, sure he had a weak heart and he kept drinking wodka even though his doctors told him his blood was already as thin as water but still, I didn't think he would die this soon......

I think there is something great about a statesman who is not afraid to show human emotions. A man who is made of flesh and blood just like the rest of us and Boris Jeltsin was about as human as it gets.

He must have been the funniest man ever to be the boss of Russia. You can imagine that that's going up against some pretty strong competition. Stalin, Chrustsjev, Berezjnev and all those other geniuses of political comedy must still acknowledge their superior. Boris owned them all!

I mean, if you can make Bill Clinton burst out in hysterical laughter, pinch some woman in the ass before camera's and appear stone drunk and trying to sing a song, you are a born entertainer. In fact, I admire all statesmen who are ravening drunkards. Being drunk rules.

So Boris, we salute you. Keep drinking wodka in heaven.

Boris Jeltsin ruled!!


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