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Sometimes I buy movies simply on account of their covers. I judge movies by their covers. Yes I do. And with movies youíre usually not all that far off when judging it by the cover.

 Now, if I were to show you this cover:


Would you assume this is a movie about

 A. 2 young students experiencing love for the first time

B tantalizing political drama written by Tom Clancy and involving Ukrainian drug lords hunted by Harrison Ford.

C special effects fest where dragons break forth and destroy several buildings.

 If you said A or B you are either lying or you win the Ď donít judge a movie by its coverí prize.

 So dragons it is. Big dragons. One is evil and one is good, though we only see that one at the ending. Theyíre both after something that is going to give them ultimate power and the only thing between the evil one and that power is a 20 year old girl and her boyfriend to be. Thatís the plot.

 If you think plots are getting dumber and dumber you are wrong. Plots arenít getting dumber, my friend. You are probably getting older and smarter. Well, older at least.

 The good news is that in movies like this the plot doesnít really matter. What matters is the action and this movie stunned me utterly on that front. I expected some cheap special effects and perhaps an explosion or two. What I got instead was a whole lot of decent special effects and massive amounts of explosions. And tanks, and swarms of apache gunships dogfighting small packs of dragons in the air. And big dinosaur like things with cannons on their backs obliterating downtown Los Angeles.

Plus, this gigantic thing.

The actionís more then decent although you might be left wondering how the hell the dragon lord (being essentially a very angry freight train sized serpent with no special powers except being big and appearing at the right place at the right time) manages to get his entire army in Los Angeles before the army notices anything and why the medieval armor of his foot soldiers holds up against automatic weapons fire so well. But these are small considerations in a swamp of gaping plot holes so lets not dwell on that.

 The human characters are pretty boring with the old master basically copying Alec Guinnessís part as Obi Wan Kenobi and some other people doing uninteresting stuff. Like I often said, nobody cares.

 The action sequence in Los Angeles makes this a cool movie. Clearly worthy of 3 MIís.



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