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Viva la resistance

The world sucks. I can't turn on the TV without accidentally blundering into either reports about how much the middle east sucks, unbelievably stupid call-games, or piss poor cartoons. Men have taken to drinking Rose beer and we collectively rather study then drink beer.

But sometimes, just sometimes we get a chance to turn it around. A chance to strike back at a world that we loathe. A chance to resist.

I had my chance last Tuesday at work. A chance to perform an act of defiance towards all the things I hate.

It was petty. It was sad. It felt good.

So what was this act of defiance towards a society that more and more goes down the drain? I didn't fill the rose beer. Instead I put it back in the store room, to rot away with all other leftovers.


This is how the place where the rose beer usually stands looks now. The sign says 'Temporarily not available'. It is in fact available, its right there in our storeroom. I just didn't fill it. That'll  teach those hippies to drink 'rose beer'. Jeesh, what is wrong with you people?

Not to worry though, for the moment evil has been contained. For how long, its impossible to say. But I'll do whatever I can to make for a better world. A world where men drink beer. Like god intended.



Rose beer sucks!


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