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The devil rides out

Gods, the 60's were great fun weren't they? You had drugs, free sex and apparently a permit to make movies no one would even consider funding in any other decade.

The devil rides out is one of them. This movie just breathes an atmosphere of antiquity with its old fashioned camera perspectives, its slow pace and its crappy special effects. However, when we look past all that, who do we see being the main character?

Holy crap! Its Christopher 'Saruman' Lee playing a hero! He's recognizable as being the only competent character in the entire film fighting Satan and his many fold minions with the power of his mind, a few mirrors and some well placed punches.

 Not much else to say about it. Its old, its fairly funny but mainly because its so old and Christopher Lee is brilliant as ever. In fact, I'm wondering why he wasn't added to my list of cool actors sooner.

So, because of Christopher Lee, his immensely cool piercing gaze and his booming voice 1 MI for this blast from the past.



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