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Die hard 4.0

What is it about the Die Hard films that continues to draw audiences? Is it the fact that Bruce Willis is just one walking engine of cool? Is it the sense of realness that the movies emanate instead of the fakeness that we got from watching all that Starwars crap? Is it the ridiculously funny one-liners we get each time a villain is killed or is it a combination of all of these things?

Die hard was the original action movie. The one almost all others came from. It took a hero, put him in an impossible situation and let him fight against bad guys for 2 hours, cracking jokes all the way to the big boss at the top of the building. Its a classic of coolness, a masterpiece of action combined with humor.

In fact, Die Hard has been placed on a pedestal so high its practically impossible to ever improve on it, let alone make a sequel that's worthy of it. Die hard 2 and Die hard with a vengeance didn't exactly had the same degree of coolness, good movies though they were and when it was announced that part 4 was coming and that super douchebag Len Wiseman (whom we may or may not remember from 'underworld', which sucked) was directing it, the fans almost choked. Surely this could never work? Surely this would be the gloryless end of the legendary Die Hard franchise? I sure as hell was skeptical.

Therefore my relief is all the greater when I conclude that this movie doesn't suck. In fact, it has a lot of elements from the old Die Hard and puts them in a modern context. The story isn't even that important. In short, a genius hacker shuts down the US in an effort to steal the countries digital money and only John McClane and a young hacker who worked with the bad guy on a program can stop him.  Blablabla. Nobody really cares. What we care about is the action!

And that's where this movie really shines. As we all know from the trailer, John McClane kills a helicopter with a car cause he was out of bullets. He goes on a rampage through a traffic tunnel and single handedly blows away a squad of bad guys about every 15 minutes. Without giving away too much, its safe to say that this movie is action packed.

But does that make it good? Well, lets run it by the MI table of coolness. No insects or robots but a lot of people get killed in creative ways and the fighting scenes kick butt. To my great relief the script actually made sense and we didn't look like collective dumbasses. last but not least the movie contains Bruce Willis who is always a great pleasure to watch.

In the end (and with a little personal opinion mixed in)  I come to a solid 4 MI's which makes it one of the great blockbuster triumphs of this season. Yippee ka Yee, motherfucker!!



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