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I haven't been writing for a while and for a couple of reasons. First, Frank doesn't visit my warhammer club all that often anymore and without his encouraging threats to my life things just aren't the same anymore...

Second, I play a ridiculous amount of world of warcraft now. My current record stands at a 12 hour gaming session with only short breaks for urinal necessities and an extended break of 13 minutes in order to prepare a nutritious meal of 3 meat sandwiches and a couple of beers. Beer is turning out to be the catalyst of my long night gaming sessions and the fact that it hampers my ability to type properly only makes me fit in better in a world populated by illiterate morons who can't even type their own name!

But even that isn't the greatest distraction of all right now. I have found out something that shook the very foundation of my beliefs.

The removed the Box from cable television.

Holy crap.

There is a God.

Yes, the Box is gone. No more endless reruns of the fresh prince of bell air, the Jamie Foxx show and that God awful Dave Chapelle. They can all suck cock in hell for all I care because we now have something that's not only better, but it has soul mending properties as well!

Comedy central has come to our world at last. We can now watch shows like Southpark without having the fear of accidentally running into Dave Chapelle and it feels gooooooood! In fact, I can now once more watch television for 5 hours straight without running into a bad show even once. Really, its true. You get Scrubs, Reno 911, the office US, Southpark and  that 70's show all in one row and then they do it again! This masterpiece of programming goes from 8 till 1.30. I challenge any man to go through all that goodness in one evening and not be satisfied. Yes, we finally have a decent evening of television. Thank the Gods.

So when you're out there, enjoying all the good this world has to offer on TV, think about all those souls that are rescued. Oh, and if you used to work for the Box, may your soul burn in hell.

Salvation has come at last!!


Comedy central rules!



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