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Fat people

I am not a tolerant person. if something bothers me I speak out. If someone bothers me, I tell him my version of the truth until he goes away. It has worked in the past and it will work in the future. if people hate me because of it, more room for me.

I hate spam. More and more of this junk mail fills up my box. Penis enlargement mails and mails for some anti fat pill are becoming more frequent.

Frankly, I can live with penis enlargement mails. They are usually conveniently titled and can be deleted easily. The fat pill mails are more annoying as they have titles like 'Welcome to the new you' or some other new age hippy bullshit. In the end, I just delete the lot and be done with it.

However, what doesn't cease to annoy is the sheer stupidity of the people who write these mails. Check out this linguistic gem:

"Itís rather difficult to admit it but I was terribly addicted to food. I greedily swallowed up all this trash and could not stop. This ruinous passion stopped when I started course of taking Anatrim! Holy God, my appetite disappeared, mod increased and I turned to the happiest person 21 pounds in 2.6 months. I can tell you now I turned to the happiest person!"


I didn't alter a thing on this piece of text. This is how it appeared in my mailbox. Aside from the number of spelling errors, some of the sentences just don't make any sense. Does this mean that taking Anatrim leads to stupidity? If so, is half the world addicted to this stuff? And is Rush Limbaugh the promoter of it?


Rush Limbaugh sucks

Fat people also suck. They're idiots to begin with. I'm sure everyone could stand losing a few pounds ( I sure could) but as soon as you're so disgustingly fat that you have to be rescued from your own house then you forfeit your right as a human being and you should be put in a zoo. Morons.

Just as stupid are the people who take pity on those morbidly fat retards. Then you get some supermodel listening closely to the heartbreaking story of a family of idiots so fat they can barely roll their huge asses to the studio and there's an audience of idiots who goes 'aaaaaaw' as the right  moments. Its so ridiculously stupid that it makes my brain revolt against my eyes. It makes me want to strangle the closest human being just to get some sense of justice. Someone has to pay for this kind of stupidity.

What else is there to say?


Fat people suck!


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