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The first steps...

My first world of Warcraft experiences have been entertaining. I've found it to be like quite a few other RPG I have already played. Games like Morrowind and so. The only great difference is of course that there are a lot of other people jumping around here and I yes, I mean jumping. This seems to be the favourite method of transport of a lot of new players. Boinky boinky boink. It's driving me nuts to see people jumping around like complete morons all the time.

There are quite a few perks though, the prime one so far being my new found ability to destroy whole villages. I didn't know that was possible in this game and for some reason nobody ever told me this. However, I have found it was possible to DESTROY WHOLE VILLAGES!

Its like my birthday came early, only instead of presents there are dead humans!

Following this immense epiphany I also got gang raped by scorpions a few times, got eviscerated by trolls, humans and harpies but other then that, I think I'm fine. Also, the addiction hasn't quite kicked in yet. I had a much stronger urge to game when I was still playing company of heroes. However, I suppose its still possible to get addicted, which is why I'm keeping a giant supply of monastery brewed beer at hand, just in case I need to stay in the room for a couple of days. I swear, that stuff is like liquid bread....hmmmmmm bread.

Anyway, its a pretty decent game but whether its addiction worthy or not, remains to be determined.


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