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After a lot of thinking, some mind boggling and asking the opinion of others I have decided that frames suck.

Oh sure, it makes the page look fairly good and its a lot more easy to navigate and stuff but you can't easily link your articles anymore! There's no change in the address bar! Also, that big ugly scroll thing kinda ruined the whole look and simply removing it more or less eliminated the point of having a contents section. Also, I would have been forced to update all my articles cause the links generated more unnecessary frames. That would have been a lot of work and I dislike work.

So!  Gone are the frames, back is the simple one page layout, this time with an easy to navigate sidebar in the page itself and a space to put old articles I feel deserve more attention. No more frames! Hurrah!

Let me know what you think. Or better yet, don't let me know. That way I'll assume everybody likes it and I'll be happier.


PS: I know the link really serves little purpose anymore but I'm leaving it in for nostalgic purposes.


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