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Futurama: the beast with a billion backs

Futurama is easily my second favourite creation of professional lunatic Matt Groening. Primariliy because its very funny and secondly because I don't know any other things Groening has created. Seriously, two shows in 25 years? That man is either a genious or the world's least inspired man.

Anyhow, Futurama is back with a series of DVD movies ideally suited for a sunday afternoon where you can wallow in desperate loneliness while working on building an Ork Stompa. Kudos to my multitasking aside, the first Futurama movie was pretty good and I had good hopes for the second one. The stage at the end of the first one was properly set. The universe had ripped open and was about to end...

and that's exactly where number two picks up. As the human race grows tired of screaming in fear at the approaching end of the universe at the hands of a gigantic tear in it Fry has picked up a new girlfriend. The professor is struggling to find an explanation for the tear and president Nixon is coming to the decision to simply send missiles in and blow up whatever is on the other side.

The story is surprisingly complicated, philosophical and good for something that's supposed to be a comedy but hey, I'm pleasantly surprised. It manages to be pretty damn hilarious too with Bender as the funniest robot ever trying to kill humanity and Zoidberg as the most disgusting alien ever to work at a intergalactic delivering agency. Also, that alien newsreader cracks me up..

It scores pretty good on the MI table too. A DVD well worth buying. Damn, this is a short review isn't it? Well too bad, Topgear is on in 10 minutes and I gotta upload it before it starts....

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