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It wasn't my fault!!

Ahhhhhhh, vacation's over again. Almost immediately I was smacked down to reality upon my return and was confronted by angry festival organizers I owe information to, enormous piles of boxes in my room and the nagging feeling of impending doom!!!

Anyway, I was at warhammer world. You may know it or you may not. I was buying stuff at a ridiculous rate for ridiculous prices. And now, upon my return I will have to face the wrath of Anton, my regular warhammer dealer,  when I tell him I ordered the new 'assault on Black reach' directly from games Workshop.

I will not enjoy that moment.

But it wasn't my fault Anton! They forced me! I was held at gunpoint by those Games Workshop maniacs! Its true!

And I can prove it too:


See? I'm being totally honest. It was out of my hands!!!


Games workshop salesmen rule!


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