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The many faces of Geert

Have you ever discovered that you take a lot of pictures of someone just because that person always seems to do something that's worth photographing?

I did. This morning. I discovered 7 photo's on my mobile phone of Geert, mostly taken in the bar where we usually go after work. Since these pictures are entirely unrelated to anything I could write about now it seemed best to put them in a single collection so that everyone who wants to admire Geert can do so in one easy page. Don't thank me now, I only live to serve.

On to the pictures!!




For the opening picture, I present 'Geert, pretending to be normal. Sort of. '


Next, 'Geert, Pretending to be a monkey.'


Geert, doing his impression of an alcoholic.


When Geert speaks, lesser men fall silent.




I'm not entirely sure what was going on here. Its either another monkey impression or he's trying to look angry (and failing miserably...)

Geert, part time famous blues performer.


Is there a point to this article? No.

Did I have fun compiling pictures of Geert? Yes.

Do you feel like an idiot for reading this all the way to the end and do you curse me for wasting your time? Good.


Geert, occasionally, Rules!



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