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Ghostriders in the sky

Sometimes a song can be more then just awesome. It can be something legendary. Ghostriders in the sky is one such song. It has been covered so many times you could easily fill several CD's with versions  and it has been in several movies but most importantly, look at this badass painting it was based on:

I may not like art but I know something awesome when I see it. Luckily, dozens of musicians agree with that. Here are the best 6 versions (hey, in my opinion anyway)


6. Johhny Cash

The man in black covered this already old song in 1979 (the original is from 1949 exclamation marks) meaning that even the really old cover versions are way older then you are. Ponder on that. At any rate, Johnny cash, being Johnny Cash, staid faithful to the original meaning that it was a bit slow. His voice saves the day though as it does every song he ever performed. The man is awesome. Even when surrounded by muppets.







5. The Outlaws

1980 rock band the Outlaws did Ghostriders in the sky in well, 1980 and seeing as it was 1980 it was kinda weird. Weird but cool as its basically just a long guitar solo and guitar solos are awesome.


Also, they had this really cool flying guitar album cover with the grinning cow skull. That's culture, folks.





4. Der Apocalyptische reiter

When you try googling 'Der Apocalyptische reiter' you get some really disturbing messed up stuff proving that Germans have been trying to weird up the Internet since it was conceived. But then, everything from germany is weird so this can't come as a real surprise.

The German made version of Ghostriders in the sky is equally weird with that strange high pitched German accented voice (thank GOD they didn't translate it into German) and the fake trumpets but somehow it is still cool. This is probably due to the fact that evertything with guitars is cool as long as you have a basic understanding of how to work the damn things and the whole 'Germanization proces' also works the hilarity cord.




skeletal cavalry!!!







3 Spiderbait

I have a hard time admitting that anything made by Nicolas cage could ever be considered cool but even I have to put pride aside for a moment or two and admit that the clip he made with Ghostriders in that movie where he sets his head on fire is pretty damn awesome. So there, I admitted it. Something Nicolas cage did is cool. The song itself is by a band I never of and most likely never will again called Spiderbait who's lead singer is apparently really fond of putting his hands in his pockets as its a prominent feature of almost every band picture I could find.

But hey, don't judge a long haired man for putting his hands down his pants every chance he gets because their version of Ghostriders was cool. Hell, if it can make Nicolas cage look cool they must be doing something right.


2. Dick Dale

Everything Dick Dale is awesome. He has effectively done away with everything that could distract the audience from his guitar. No singing, no keyboards or pretty much anything other then his guitar and a drummer to keep tune. He would probably do away with the drummer too if he felt it distracted the audience the awesomeness emanating from his 6 stringed beast.

To my utter shock he's already 70+ meaning if I want to catch a show of him I need to do it before he dies which, lets face it as he is a musician, could be at any time. His version of ghostriders in the sky has Dick Dale written all over it as it is essentially just one long guitar bashing bout of badassery. Damn, I need to see this man before he snuffs it.


Keep breathing!!






1. The blues brothers

In 1982 John Belushi managed to get himself killed  after consuming an epic amount of Cocaine. This meant that the legendary duo 'the blues brothers'were no more. Sad though this was it got even sadder when some unholy people figured it was a good idea to do a new Blues brothers movie in 1998. I could write pages of how bad an idea this was and how stupid both Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman were for getting themselves involved with it but such rage will have to wait. Blues Brothers 200 had one redeeming feature.

And trust me when I say it is not this little game I discovered on the internet as it should burn in hell for its many blasphemies. No, as can be expected from an article titled 'ghostriders in the sky' the blues brothers minus John Belushi made a great version of said song. Oh yes. Right in the middle of a movie so chock full of stupidity so epic it rivals the death of Belushi itself there is a scene where they perform Ghostriders and it is great. Great I tell thou! The only regret I had after seeing it was that it was lodged in the unholy abomination that is Blues Brothers 2000. Oh well.


Ghostriders in the sky rules!


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