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Godzilla Mothra SOS Tokio


Never before has the title of a movie explained so much about the actual plot, the main characters and the whole idea of the movie. I could explain the plot further to you but that would be next to pointless as after reading the title you already know everything you need to know.

 Ah heck, lets give it a whirl anyway. Godzilla Mothra SOS Tokio is about Godzilla, giant lizard thing from the sea that the Japanese accidentally created with nuclear tests and the poor hapless city of Tokio which is in for another thrashing. Somewhere somehow there is a giant moth thing involved too as well as its worm like off spring who are set to defend Tokio alongside the giant mecha Godzilla created by the Japanese defence force.

 Yeah I’m confused too.

 This movies has lots of qualities you won’t find anywhere else. It combines real actors and impressive settings (the mecha G hangar is cool) and then combines that with the most laughable pathetic special effects seen since Power rangers season 1. As soon as Godzilla hits the city all notion of realism or believability is thrown out of the window and we’re treated to the unmistakable spectacle of men in rubber suits beating the crap out of each other over a cardboard city.

For a while this is amusing especially if you’re as full of alcohol and still high on the fumes of barbecue lighter fluid as we were that night. We had already seen Machine girl and figured that more of a weird thing would make an awesome thing. Luckily, we were right. After a while we stopped being bothered by the rubber suit special effects and saw the funny side. The funny side of a rubber lizard destroying buildings and murdering people by the hundreds in their cardboard sky scrapers (no dead people on screen though..).

Things take an even more Japanese twist as mecha Godzilla unleashes its array of weird weaponry which varies from day to day house and garden heat seeking parabolic missiles to something called the ‘Absolute zero’. Sadly we never got to see that in action as the ‘Super Hydra Maser’ or something like that proved to be quite a match for a 80 foot lizard with bad breath that looks like death rays.

 Characters? Nobody I even remembered. Plot development? The fairies were a nice twist but then so was the introduction of Mothra and its weird limbless off spring.

What continues to bug me was the ceaseless ineffectiveness of the weapons used by the humans but I suppose that’s necessary in a monster movie like this. I heard there’s a an even weirder part in this series called ‘Godzilla versus King Kong.’ May want to pick that up at a later date….  But first:

More barbecue lighter fluid please!



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