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Holy crap, they took a decent picture

I don't do well on photographs. I always manage to look either stupid, drunk or utterly confused on photo's, no matter how hard I try to maintain some sort of composure.

Not during my last warhammer tournament though. Some photographical genius actually managed to take a picture where I look fairly intelligent, contemplating and utterly filled with hate for my opponent, all in one!

And here it is, freshly stolen from www.hiredguns.nl :

Now it is important to note that I'm actually the one in the right corner as opposed to being the fat blubbering pile of crap in front of me. This man managed to annoy me to such a degree in such a short amount of time that I considered severe physical violence against him. I don't do well with physical violence (being extremely ticklish and all) so that was quite a consideration.

But damn, I look pretty controlled and contemplative here. In fact, I was so contemplative here that I completely missed someone offering me a beer so this picture has also captured another moment of eternal shame.

Interesting and shameful times...


Being happy about photographs rules!


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