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Good times

Got a new phone last week. It rules. It gives me double the picture resolution and has a much bigger storage capacity. It also has automatic flash, auto focus and a whole range of other options.

What? You didn't think I'm buying a phone cause I want to chat with other people? I'm buying it for the camera it has!

Anyway, my old phone has served me well for two years. It was my first phone with a camera and I took a lot of hilarious pictures with it. From Robert kissing a cardboard captain Picard to some lunatics pretending to be peasants and attacking me. Good times...

Good times...

And now its resting in a drawer, waiting to be given to some telephone collector for a good cause, maybe to bring the glory of mobile phoning to the third world somewhere.

Not much else to say I suppose. I'm sure there's a point hidden in here somewhere. Ah well, you figure it out.


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