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Guest article!

So some people are still unhappy with my updating policy, which is that I only write when I have seen something that inspires me.

Apparently not satisfied with that explanation, Joep "the peasant' proposed he'd write a guest article. I agreed with it on condition that it at least made me chuckle once and had some funny and/or disgusting pictures in it. He accepted the challenge and the result can be seen below. If you have an opinion about it, let me know.

Oh, and if any of you demented lunatics feels the need to write a guest article, I will consider it. The only conditions are that it makes me laugh at least once and that it ends with a clear conclusion. The subject either sucks or rules.

Now, on to the guest article.


Peasant fashion

By “The Peasant”

 I still don’t know how the hell I got motivated to write this, but here I am, trying to give you people some “fashion” tips. Since I am completely oblivious about everything that has something to do with fashion, I decided to look for something more in my expertise. Namely, peasant-fashion.

 So I googled for peasant pictures, and stumbled on the weirdest sites. The first link I clicked actually gave costumes idea for an entire Robin Hood musical. According to this site a peasant should be looking like this!








So obviously that Robin Hood site was wrong, so I journeyed further in my quest to find peasant-fashion.

The next site I visited was even more hilarious. Not because it’s fashion (well a bit perhaps) but more about what the intention was. I think the best way to describe it is to give the URL.


Indeed who wants to rent a peasant? Nobody that I know of, I never had any job offers like that. “Please mister peasant, would you like to come to our school and teach us about hanging and flogging”. But I am drifting off subject, the fashion they were wearing still didn’t seem to be peasant fashion.

If you ever catch me wearing something  like this then please do me a favor and shoot me!




I still don’t think this is peasant fashion so I decided to give it one more try to find peasant-fashion. 

This is some re-enactment dweep that doesn’t know when to stop. I quote; “When he came back to face my camera he posed like this, meat in hand and live (yes, living and crawling) maggots dripping off his tongue.”








I give up! People really don’t know what “REAL” peasant fashion is. So to conclude this less then epic quest I’ll just show you one picture that explains how I feel about those people and what real peasant fashion should look like,

Peasant fashion sucks!


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