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Symbol of stupidity


This is my Hawaii shirt. I bought it about 5 years ago when I was on vacation in Hungary and we wanted to go to a Hawaii party. It cost me 5 euros.

Now I keep it an enduring symbol of all the stupid things I've done in my life as a good deal of them happened whilst wearing this shirt. Its true, I have lost memories whilst wearing this shirt then any other. I have vomited over it at least 2 times and at least 3 people have also vomited over it. Yet it endures. It goes on. It cannot be destroyed, even when I used as a makeshift bandage for my bleeding knee (which I had slammed against a concrete pole)

Yes, this shirt brings back memories, almost all of them stupid. I spend 4 days wearing nothing but this shirt, laying in the sun trying to recover from the mother of all hangovers on the beach of lake Balaton before going on yet another epic drinking binge in the many bars of Siofok, Hungary.

Its my enduring symbol of stupidity and each time I choose to wear it, more stupid things happen. I wore it this Thursday to a Hawaii party and I promptly drank so much I nearly fell asleep against a slot machine. Why is there almost some asshole around to take a picture?


Yep, this shirt brings back memories........

I'm sure a lot of other people keep a symbol of their enduring stupidity or a shirt that brings back alcoholic memories to them. All of them stupid, and all of them rule.


My Hawaii shirt rules!


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