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Heat and boredom

I just can't put myself to writing stuff these days and what I write isn't any good. I blame the heat for this. After even a single day of heat my room has a tendency to become uninhabitable due to the massive increase in temperature and humidity.

Add to that the fact that I work almost every day and spend the rest of the time playing WoW and you see why I don't update all that regularly. In fact, I challenge you to sit in my seat for a minute and not be tempted to either play WoW or get the hell out and do some productive work. Its just to damn hot in here!

So instead of writing stuff I find to do other stuff. One such activity was the hauling of 60 nostalgic beer mugs recently.

There I was in one of the hottest days of the year, teamed up with Joep, to get a load of nostalgic beer mugs from a broke restaurant. Yeah sure, what would be next? Picking up 64 authentic looking plastic cheezes?  

Anyway, the mission was a success! Even after discovering my backseat wasn't as reliable as Volkswagen always claims we managed to ship the whole load back to Uden to be sold for way to much money to the ignorant and the stupid. Hehe, I got one for free fools!

Now  to keep boredom and tediousness at bay for just a few days more I'm gonna do yet more work. After all, money makes happy.


Gods, I'm bored...




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