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Honey badger 2

Ok, its a slow week as far as inspiration is going so its back to obsessing about honey badgers for a moment.

You know a creature is awesome when you come across them in documentaries you'd least expect them. One about Vipers for instance. For most of the hour you see what kind of damage the Vipers can do to humans and how badass they are, right until the end when they say 'oh yeah, here's a creature that makes an absolute mockery of them.' and the Honey badger makes its appearance!

Youtube is also rife with movies about them. Since I'm in no mood to write more, here's one of them featuring the Honey badger killing stuff on the music of Buffy the vampire slayer. Perfect!



Oh and I couldn't resist putting this bit from Top Gear in as well, not so much about the mention of the Honey badger itself but more for the sign the signer uses for the words 'ripping your testicles off'.



Gods, I love British TV.....


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