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The Incredible Hulk

Hulk Smash!

There, he finally said it. it took two movies, 120 million dollars worth of budget and Edward Norton but he finally said it. I am happy.

As I'd hoped this film is filled to the brim with mindless bashing, people shooting totally ineffectual guns at a green (and later on brown) monster and military types talking in one liners to each to describe various things no sane person would understand. How often do you get to use the word 'supersoldier' in conversation? I'm betting not as often as general Ross. Damn, that man uses weird words exclusively and still manages to be uncool.

Anyway, I doubt I have to explain the story. Scientist gets turned into Hulk by gamma rays and flees from army. Army pursues and shoots at him before accidentally creating another monster only Hulk can defeat. yeah that's pretty much it. Boy, its good to see that in 2008 Hollywood can still come up with movies that have absolutely no message to tell and are filled to the brim with cartoonish violence.

And violence, there is. Even though the editing was fairly poor, the battle between the army and Hulk is still pretty damn cool even though I couldn't help but wonder why the army has such poor HumVee drivers. Those people really didn't know what to do...

The battles get really good at the end when Hulk and the Abomination face off. Its always good to see inhuman monsters duking it out but when one shouts 'Hulk smash' before ramming a green fist into the other's face it gets epic. Epicly awesome and epicly stupid at the same time! Hurrah!

So folks, go and see this movie. Leave your criticisms, cynicism and brain at the door and you will have fun. I promise.

Hulk smash!!!!


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