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I am legend Film review.

Guest article by Frank 'I fire guns for a hobby' Manders


The beginning of the film is a bit weird, as you only get to see it as flashbacks throughout the movie. But in a nutshell:

Some scientist discovers a cure for cancer. A modified virus.

And as a virus will do, this one also mutates. (of course) It kills 95% of mankind and of the 5% remaining for the best part mutates into nightcreatures. Will Smith of course is immune as he tends to be in movies. So far he has proven immune to aliens, speeding cars, small children and the damning influence of Martin Lawrence

He ends up all alone except for his dog for three years in New York, he survives by hiding by night from the mutated humans.

During the day he drives a brand new looking sport car as he goes hunting for dear in the city. Apparently he washes this car daily as it looks brand spanking new. (perfectly normal behaviour isnít it?)

The monsters are depicted as having some intelligence, as they copy his behaviour to catch him in a trap which is kinda cool.

 So far, nothing but good (sort of). Where it goes wrong is in the details.

If 95% of the worlds population dies, where are the bodies? The night creatures ate them all, and parked their cars in a nice and orderly fashion, except for one street? Not likely.

 And somehow a woman and a child show up to rescue him in the city. Even though all the bridges are blown up. They also get out again. How do they do it? Strangely this is never explained. It also kinda messes with the film's trailer info which clearly states: Earth's population: 1. You lying sons of bitches!

The Michael Ironside's:

 The main characterís kid is killed in a good thought out helicopter crash, but we never get to see the actual crash. So I could grant one Michael ironside.

Of course 95% of the worlds kids would have died, but no proof of this is to be seen..

 No giant insect, but mutated humans. Personally I think zombies are a damn good substitute for giant bugs.

All in all I think it deserves 2.



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