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Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

Aliens and a big whirling space ship full of inter dimensional creatures? That's what we've waited 19 years for? 19 years of anticipating the new Indiana Jones movie and we get a big stupid spaceship reminiscent of close encounters of the third kind? Seriously??

Right, so my opening pretty much ruined the climax of Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull if you haven't seen it yet. Don't worry. The climax sucked and you may want to consider walking out before it gets there.

Problem is that it was actually a pretty decent film right up to the final 15 minutes. The classic Indy feel was back and I was positively enjoying myself when Harrison Ford put on his hat for the first time. He wasn't the same man though. I missed a lot of classic Indy quirks.  Things were a bit sillier too. The moment where he was shot from a house in a refrigerator by a nuclear explosion should have been some sort of warning for what was to come, I suppose....

The enemy isn't quite the same as it used to be either. The Russians don't have the same evilness about them as the Nazi's did and whoever thought it was a good idea to have Cate Blanchett parade around with a sword clasped on, shouting orders with a ridiculous accent to vaguely uninterested Russian soldiers should be send to a penal camp and be forced to watch Starwars Episode 1,2 and 3 for 5 years continuously.

Speaking about George Lucas. Why was this idiot in charge of the script as he so evidently was? What kind of thoughtless dribble was the alternative for this? Why, in the name of all that's holy did he think a big whirling space ship was a good climax for a movie that should have been about an archeologist fighting Soviets and hunting treasure? Why is this man still involved in the making of movies? Why??

So, despite the fact that the Soviet killing was somewhat amusing (we have better movies for that though) this has still turned out pretty disappointing. The final 15 minutes pretty much derail the entire movie and bring my faith in Steven Spielberg back to the level where it was during those dreadfully desperate days when 'War of the worlds' came out.



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