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The Iron giant

Its nice to see a movie surprising you once in a while. For me, this was the surprise of many months. And there's not much that surprises me in movies.

First off all, its a movie about a giant robot, which is freakishly cool to begin with. The thing plummets to earth, forgets who he is and befriends a small boy. The robot is then hunted by a evil government agent who thinks it was built by the communists. That's because its the 50's. These days we'd assume the giant ridiculously advanced robot was built by Osama Bin laden, in his cave in Afghanistan and proceed to bomb Iraq some more.

Anyhow, its not long before the robot and the boy become good friends, some drama unfolds and yada yada yada. Then the movie gets to the good part as the army finds the robot, opens fire with everything its got, deploys battleships and finally, orders a nuclear strike.

Wait, what?

The army orders a nuclear strike. This has got to be the only kids movie where you actually get to see a nuclear bomb go off. And that's just one cool bit of this movie. Before the nukes start flying we get to see a massively angry robot which was apparently made to inflict wholesale slaughter upon the human race as he has all sorts of wickedly cool weapons. The whole US tank corps shows upon along with the US navy with its battle cannons. Some people might not consider all out war good children's TV but they're wrong. It rules. It rules so hard it made me feel sorry for every time I had to blink cause I would miss precious mili-seconds.

The only thing that annoys me is that there had to have been people out there who knew this movie existed and didn't inform me. Why for the love of god didn't you tell me there was a movie with battleships firing at a giant robot? Why, you assholes? Why??

Uhm, so this movie might not meet the exact standards for a good MI rating but for the following reasons it does anyway:

-Battleships firing at a giant robot

-Tanks firing at a giant robot.

-Giant robot turning into giant freaking death machine.

-Seriously cool evil government agent ordering a nuclear strike

-Freaking nuclear strike. In a kids(!!) movie.

4 MI's for this animated bit of brilliance.


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